The Real War Criminals

Posted: March 13, 2012 by Sam Saber in political, society, sociology
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The recent shooting in Afghanistan, is tragic, for all those involved. While what the soldier did was wrong, and he needs to be punished. The real criminal are the World Governments, and those who control the wealth. They create war for personal reasons. We send our children under the cloak of patriotism, so the rich can maintain their wealth. Then after a decade of killing someone snaps, and now the soldier get punished. Its the leaders of the word that need to be dealt with, Not those that are forced to or duped into fighting. Since the revolutionary war, every battle has been backed by the wealthy, and they back both sides, what’s that tell you? Its like being a bookie you can’t loose

They do not care who makes the law, but who controls the flow of money. When more money is need for their greed, they start a war. As for the soldier in this case he needs care, and the Governments need to be held accountable for the repercussions of war.

A diagnosis of PTSD qualifies a soldier for medical retirement and benefits. The investigation was triggered in part by concerns that Madigan doctors involved in the screening process were “unduly influenced by worries about the escalating costs of paying benefits,” the Seattle Times reported last week.

via Washington base back in spotlight after Afghan shootings –


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