Keep Religion Out of Politics

Posted: February 18, 2012 by rusty bingham in political, society, sociology
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But, did you first ask her Father for her hand in marriage? Traditions are nice, but the battle is for equal rights, not to change the meaning of a word. If you want a marriage talk to your minister or priest. If you want equal right for you and your partner speak to you political representative.

 In the United States, marriage licenses were not required until after the civil war. Marriage licenses from their inception have sought to establish certain prohibitions on the religious institution of marriage, being deemed civil. Marriage is not a social right, it is a religious RITE, a custom. In Christianity, joining a man and woman in the sacrament of matrimony. It should not be confused with legal cohabitation.

All cohabitation acceptable under civil law should require a licenses to be deemed legal. It should also be absent of any religious terminology, such as Marriage.

If you want to get married, talk to your church officials.
If you want to cohabit speak to you State Representatives

If a couple, same sex or not, if accepted by the culture, is cohabiting, then a civil licenses should be required. Remember, marriage licenses are used to control the religious institution of marriage. A licenses should also be required, as well, for religious ceremonies of cohabitation for partners to have equal legal rights.

I have no opinion of the subject of same sex marriage, I do object to the use of the word marriage, which is a religious term for cohabitation. Remember the Constitution, separation of church and state? If same sex cohabitation is deemed to be a civil right by one’s society,  than all legal rights should be granted to those persons, under a Civil License for Cohabitation, the same for a opposite sex couple.

The government needs to stop using religious terminology when it come to cohabitation. If you want to call your relationship a marriage, than argue that fact with your religious leaders.  The governmental process is to protect the will of the people.  If society as a whole deems same sex cohabitation as appropriate, than so be it.


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