Marriage vs Cohabitation

Posted: December 18, 2011 by rusty bingham in political, society, sociology
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This is not a article on the moralization of gay or alternative style marriages,  but a look at the current meaning of marriage. What was once taboo is now accepted or tolerated,  in most social settings. Today most people have lived together, some even have a child or two, before getting a license to legally do, what they have already been doing.

I seems that in most civilizations a legal document  is required for heterosexual cohabitation, it only seems fair that homosexuals should have to endure the same standards, and obtain a license to cohabit. Therefore, all license legal forms of cohabitation would receive equal RIGHTS under social laws.

In the United States, marriage licenses werent required until after the civil war.  Marriage licenses from their inception have sought to establish certain prohibitions on the religious institution of marriage. Marriage is not a social right, it is a religious RITE, a custom, in Christianity,  joining a man and woman in the sacrament of matrimony.  It should not be confused with legal  cohabitation.

 A partnership, for cohabitation is more a social right. Marriage is a religious rite, a doctrine of what its interpretation of a partnership SHOULD be. Social rights should not intertwine with religious rites in any way. All legitimized partnerships should be equal whether civil or religious.  How a society functions should not be determined by the view of a few or by any religious beliefs.

NO! Marriage is Not a Human RIGHT, it is a Religious RITE, and cohabitation is a privilege, granted by social acceptance.

The word marriage should not appear on a societal document for a civil union of two people to cohabit.  That same document should be required for religious ceremonies that result in a partnership of cohabitation.

Aside from a document to prove you legally live together, to obtain social benefits in the current social cultures, there really is no need require a license. Before the Common Era, most cultures accepted that if two people claimed that they had exchanged marital vows, then usually a man an woman, even without witnesses, it was accepted that they were validly married.

State courts in the United States have routinely held that public cohabitation was sufficient evidence of a valid marriage.  This statement on face value is invalid, because of the interference of church and state. State laws should govern cohabitation, based on social acceptance, and should not be influenced by religious doctrine entailed in the ceremoniousness of marriage.

This is not to say that there is an inherent right to same sex marriage, or alternative life styles, or for that matter heterosexuality marriages. If the practice is accepted by the social culture, then it should be equal under the laws that govern that society.

The marriage laws and license requirements of many states originated from the ideas of eugenics. Which is the study of methods of improving the quality of the human race, esp by selective breeding.

Marriage in America in 2010
Image by GEEKSTATS via Flickr
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