Take Back the Capitol

Posted: December 6, 2011 by Sam Saber in political, society, sociology
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“The Capitol is the people’s house, and we’re here to declare an economic emergency for the 99 percent,” said an activist, John Butler, NBC Washington TV network reported Monday on its website. (John Butler, is a marine engineer from D.C. who’s been unemployed for nearly three years)

If you don't Take Back the Capitol, who will?

Anti-corporatism protesters from across the United States are heading towards Washington D.C. to “Take Back the Capitol,” saying the US Congress does not represent them.

It’s time for the 99% to be a visible, peaceful presence on Capitol Hill. By day we’ll show up at Congressional hearings and K Street lobbyists’ offices, and by night we’ll crash in church auditoriums, union halls, and in tents around the Capitol.

Our goal is to remind Congress to represent all Americans—not just the richest 1%. Use the form to the right to sign up. An organizer will follow up with you to get you involved with Take Back the Capitol.

via Take Back the Capitol.

I am not siding one way or another, but all thing should be approached with caution. To be aware of who supports a movement. Germany’s, Workers Party produced Hitler as a Leader. Is there a hidden agenda behind a movement.

I posted this because I believe that the People should, take back control of the government, that is out of control. You should be cautious of who gets control, and that the direction is just  for everyone, everywhere, around the world.  That a movement was not started for an alternative motive, to let a specific segment gain control

There is a need to end both government oppression, and fundamental religious rule. A government by the People wholly. Not of the people,meaning a part of the whole, but defiantly for the People.  I say yes take back the Capital, the Government, and take back our lives.

No more an honest days pay for an honest day work,
but an equal share of the pie.

Keep in mind, Hugo Chavez has done a fine job bringing literacy and health care to his country’s poorest citizens, but on the other hand he’s been widely accused of squandering the country’s oil wealth, mostly on literacy and health care programs, for poor people! This is still a poor distribution of the proverbial Pie.  Today’s dictator is pretty much any democratically-elected Leader.

So look before you leap, know what you are rallying for, and what will be the outcome of it all. Beware of Corporatism, and propaganda of the corporate run news media. Remember it does not matter who makes the laws, the true power is the control of  the wealth.

cor·po·rat·ism: the organization of a society into industrial and professional corporations serving as organs of political representation and exercising control over persons and activities within their jurisdiction 

  1. Sam Saber says:

    The Middle class now has their own army, its call the unemployed, and its getting bigger everyday. However, the government his ready. FEMA prisons

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