Abolish Money

Posted: December 3, 2011 by rusty bingham in political, society, sociology
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photo Alexander Chadwick

When bacteria enters someones bloodstream, a person’s health is gradually undermined. If not stopped the bacteria becomes stronger and the person’s body, or foundation is destroyed. However the use of drugs like penicillin can destroy the bacteria and stop the destruction.

In the same manner, money is like the bacteria. Since money has unlimited power in the world, the ways of the world are bound to be increasingly debased. Step by step, morality is bound to be ruined and human nature faced with corruption. In the end, society is driven to destruction.

So to stop the destruction, stop the cause. Abolishing money will end poverty, stop war, and create a prosperous society.  The first question, you may ask is, Without money, how would people get the things they need? Simple, you need something you go and get it. The next question would obviously by where are the things I need come from? The same place they come from now. We are talking about abolishing money, not work. Society should work to support itself, not the needs of a few.

In order for a civilization to advance, it must be educated.  Our current higher education system is mainly set up for those who can afford it.  Instead it needs to provide a path for those who can advance and improve social conditions.

To accomplish such an undertaking, the current education system needs to be scraped. A new education system must provide equal opportunity for all. It is essential that educators be efficient in identifying and developing those students that have he potential to advance, as well as, the students that do not have the aptitude to excel beyond a certain point.

Society can not survive, if everyone does not contribute, by what ever means they can. You have to understand, not everyone can be a doctor or a scientist, but in order to have these services, there must be a foundation to support them.  If you need an operation, a doctor will preform it, with tools created by a scientist,  in a facility build by a laborer. A coalition of commonwealth, that contributes and shares equally in the rewards of its labor. Put an end to class warfare, abolish money and social class.  No more making money of the back of others.

Imagine that all the things you need are owned and held in common. There is no need to buy food from anyone–it is common property. There are no rent or mortgages to pay because land and buildings belong to all of us. There is no need to buy anything from any other person because society has done away with the absurd division between the owning minority (the capitalists) and the non-owning majority (the workers). As long as money exists , financial and commercial values will prevail , not human values . So, we’re talking about a moneyless society in which, instead, people would contribute according to their abilities and take, freely as their right, from the common store what they need to live and enjoy life. Money is simply a device to separate the workers from what they produce. The workers must aim to abolish it.

Money has no value, even if it is back by gold. Currency is use to control the working class, much like the shackles of slavery.  The only things with substantial value are people, food, and nature. When you think about it gold is worthless. What can you do with it, except make jewelry.

There must be a governing law to ensure that no one gets to much, or to little. To guarantee no specific group gains power, laws will be enacted by the populace, not an elite group of individuals. People will not be forced to contribute, but those who can and don’t will perish. Those who truly can not will be provided for.

Some may call this socialism, but socialism, or any other form of current governed society, can not exist without money.  We need to do a way with money and class societies. Money like war, what is it good for, absolutely nothing, abolish it.


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