Posted: December 2, 2011 by Sam Saber in political, society, sociology
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Christian or Muslim, Judaism or other organizes religions, do not have a place in the current society. The are just a ways to a means to control the masses. If you want to worship something or someone, then do it. I should not be a controlling force in society. As a spiritual person i can give thanks to my creator without the need to impose it on others. To each their own.

Religious organizations, such as the Muslim Brotherhood, the Catholic Church, and Judaism, use religion to gain control, and act like a governing force. They use words like faith and patriotism as tools for blind submission.

As a civil society we should be tolerant of what others believe, but those beliefs should not be part of our daily lives or routines. They should be of a personal nature. Religion once organized breads zealots, which leads to death, war and organized oppression.

Last Friday, Egypt’s ascendant Muslim Brotherhood provided a foretaste of their definition religious tolerance during a rally convened at Cairo’s most prominent mosques. 5,000 people joined a rally where the chant “one day we shall kill all the Jews “ whats next, specific races of people, an our way or the highway mentality?  If the Muslim religion gains control you know it wont be long before you’ll be hearing “one day we shall kill all the gays”.

Religion that is organized, is like a virus that is resistant to common seance. Believe this or you die a harrowing death, believe this and you will be reborn at death.So who is right?  The truth is that there is no answer, believe in what you feel and not what someone tells you to feel.

Religion should be a personal experience, gathering is a social event, and the two should not meet. Religion sparks heated arguments even wars, because everyone has their own opinion on the subject. That’s the problem, it’s Your, opinion, and this was mine.

  1. I think as a citizen of United States of America, you have read and understand the constitution. Freedom of religion is important and one of the greatest freedoms we have. We also have freedom not to have any religious beliefs at all. I believe we need to keep things this way. Attempting to “ban” anything is a mistake.

    • Sam Saber says:

      Yes i understand the the need for freedom, and the right to worship is part of the freedom. Today Christianity is the dominant religion in our country, but like it or not we are moving to a world society. Today in our countries religion and government are separate, in a matter of speaking. However other countries, especially in the Middle East, religion is the controlling power, and groups like the Muslim Brotherhood, are evidence of their power. I am not saying that religion should be banned, you should have the right to worship any way you choose. I just feel that when it becomes organized it is just a means for gaining power, Is your religion the true religion, or is my religion the one true religion? (by the way i am a Pantheists ).Do you really need to worship as a group, The only thing that can come from organized religion is the loss of freedom to worship the way we choose. The Holy War began in the middle ages and is still being fought today.

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