Globalism – The Fall of America and the Western World

Posted: December 1, 2011 by Sam Saber in political, society, sociology
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Americans are not being replaced by workers in other countries. They are being equalized with them. The Free Trade Area of America (FTAA) and the world trade organization, will work to equalize labor force around the world. The wages of slave like labor in China may go up, but the wages of higher wage earners will definitively go down. FTAA is an enlargement of NAFTA, and we all know how that went for the American labor force.
But the FTAA is actually an enormously deceptive power grab. The promise of increased economic prosperity is merely enticing but poisonous bait for a trap designed to hobble once-independent nations to an emerging hemispheric superstate, controlled by internationalists behind the scenes. ~Sam Saber

As most Americans stand around waiting for the U.S. economy to return to “normal”, there is a never ending parade of jobs, businesses and wealth heading out of the United States.  The jobs and businesses that are leaving are gone for good and will not be coming back.  This is causing unemployment to soar and government debt to skyrocket but our politicians are doing nothing about it.  Instead, politicians from both parties keep insisting that they will solve all of our problems if we will just give them our votes.  Meanwhile, American families continue to fill up their shopping carts with cheap plastic crap made on the other side of the world.  Globalism is slowly destroying the greatest economic machine that the world has ever seen and most Americans don’t even realize it.  Today, the U.S. government has surrendered massive amounts of economic sovereignty to global organizations such as the WTO, the IMF and the World Bank.  The United States has also entered into a whole host of very damaging “free trade agreements” such as NAFTA that are costing our economy huge numbers of jobs.  Our politicians always promised us that globalism would bring us to a new level of prosperity, but instead that “giant sucking sound” that you hear is the sound of the U.S. economy being hollowed out.

Our politicians and the talking heads in the mainstream media always seem to be puzzled as to why there seems to be such a lack of jobs in this country.

But it really is no great mystery.

Jeffrey Pfeffer recently wrote an article for Fortune in which he stated the following


The Fall of America and the Western World – Part 01 of 23 – YouTube


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