Is a Clean Toilet Important

Posted: November 6, 2011 by rusty bingham in society
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We have all been in that situation, driving down the road and you got to go. You know the nearest place has a filthy bathroom, you would give anything for a clean facility, but would  you work for free for one?

When you got to go, a clean bathroom would be near the top of the list.  Making the person’s job who cleans it quite consequential, at that time, maybe even more so then the surgeon that may operate on you in the future, definitively more important than your bank’s president or the winner of the last academy award.

A janitorial job may be menial, but it is an important part of social existence. There are some segments of society that while they play a roll in our culture, compensation seems exorbitant for the pay back to society. Athletes and Entertainers make us feel good, but they are not worth more than a clean toilet. I think Howe Mandel would agree, they’er not.

Unskilled labor is what drives us to greater heights, mainly because we don’t  want to be the unskilled laborer.  In order for everyone to achieve their full potential the education system needs to be overhauled.

Our current social structure is based on monetary rewards, but the rewards are not equal based on the augmentation to society. If  the social structure base was compensation for contribution,  football would be something you do in your spare time.

Today’s social structure is not based on the needs of society as a whole, but the needs of the powerful and the wealthy.  A culture that does not protect  its resources, its citizens, will surely perish. A person should be rewarded by a society for contributing to that society. Not for making a small segment of society more powerful. It is not what society can do for you, but what you can do for society. In order for a society to flourish it must be provided for, not raped.

The monetary system should be scraped and replaced with one whose rewards are the betterment of society, not a paycheck at the end of the week. Abolish money and let society provide for itself. If you do not contribute to the growth and amelioration you will perish,  if you truly can not you will be provided. Not like socialism, where you take from one and give to another. A classless society where all are common, and share equally in the abundance no matter how they supplement society. So to answer the question from the beginning would you work for free, if society provided everything for you? If you were a doctor you would not live better than a janitor, but as well as one.

Notable Links:

The Future of Money by Bernard Lietaer

How to Abolish Money by Jorgen Schafer


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