Occupy a Remembrance of the 60’s

Posted: October 29, 2011 by rusty bingham in political, society
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Many people are critical of the evolving  movement Occupy. Whether you oppose, or agree with the culture of the Occupiers, there is a resemblance to the culture of  the 1960’s movements, and it is growing.  During those times in America,  there was organized kaos across the country, and now across the globe.

The Beginning of a New World Order

It’s Getting Massive, As Hundreds Of Occupy Revolutions are Happening All Around The World Today.

    The 1960’s were not all about love, peace, and happiness, it was also about violent overthrow of the government. So called radical movements such as the Weather Underground and the more peaceful approach of the Student for a Democratic Society (SDS), none of whom had a organized plan, but whose message was to change society through change in government, by any means, peaceful or violent. With no plan for what would happen when and if they succeed. They just knew that the current system was not working, which is the same sentiment as those in the Occupy movement.

   To fully understand the relationship between Occupy and the 60,s movements/ Watch this documentary on the Weather Underground. Watch this video.

   A lot of these same people are prominent members of our society today and even government officials, for-instance John Kerry, Hillary Clinton and Bill Ayers. Some took a more peaceful approach, other’s a violent approach. The approach, or dis-organized movement if you prefer,  from Occupy, is not that much different than the ideals of the protesters, or movements of the 1060’s.

 Bill Ayers then and now, 1960’s violent activist, 21st century hobnobbing with the political elite. Agenda achieved?

Hillary Clinton 1960 political activist and friends with Carl Oglesby radical, violent revolutionary.  It does not seem that the Occupiers gatherings have gotten as violent as the campus protests, or anti government movements of the 60’s, most news media would lead you to believe that they are, Occupiers have not blown up anything yet. The same news media that puts down the Occupy Revolution as senseless, praise the leaders of today, the Hippies of yesteryear, who where the same youthful generation of the 1960’s that acted the same as the Occupy generation of today.

    We are moving towards a new world order, but not the one the rich nor their powerful political arm have been talking about.  Yes, a new world order is coming,  a new order of society, with real change. Hopefully, Occupiers will not sell out , as did the youth of the sixties, of their visions. Instead they became to the rich and the oppressors, The most recent movement of the Tea Party, who now seems to have a clear objective, set forth by the powerful political machine of the rich, the extreme conservative branch.

Don’t vote it doesn’t work, we have tried over and over again, Occupy!  Occupy for a more just society.


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