Get Over It

Posted: September 26, 2010 by rusty bingham in society


When I came across this graphic, while looking for a color palette for brown, It seemed childish, but after reading the artist interpretation, it was clear that the artists meaning was deep and philosophically abstract far from childish. Though some may say childlike.

The artist rendition of the work; Red, White, Olive, Black, Yellow, underneath it all we are all just shades of brown.

If you really look at another person we are all brown, just a different shade of it. While we may not all look the same , and have different customs and nationally’s. Though, if you look at it from a wider perspective we are all the exactly the same, we are all Earthlings, and members of the human race.

So the next time you are filling out an application, and they ask your race, it’s not African, it’s not Asian, it’s not Black or White, it’s not Latino, It’s HUMAN.

If we go back in time 100000 years or so we were simply refered to. Cro-Magnon.

We all want the same things, and the equally to obtain them. So get over it and get on with it.


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