Is Tea Party Radical?

Posted: April 3, 2010 by rusty bingham in political

Does this look like a radical mob, frustrated maybe. Looks more like someones grandparents

 I am not a member of the Tea Party movement, though I know several people who have attended rallies. They are not what I call radical, I may call them neighbor or co-worker, frustrated, but radical no.The government and bias news media uses events like this as smoke screens, to keep the middle class’s as each others throats. and off the issues.

Charles Rangel made reference of the Tea Party to the Civil Right movement. Hopefully a middle class movement can make the same changes in government that the Civil Rights movement did for discrimination.     

 As for the violence Rangel averted too, both sides have a radical element. His own generation, the people who are now in power, with there so-called peaceful anti-war 

Street poster for SDS and Underground. Now this is radical

 demonstrations. peaceful sit-ins at college campuses, or the peaceful bombing of  government buildings.  Their were movements such as the Students for a Democratic Society, with radical fraction like the Weather Underground  

The Tea Party as a grass-roots movement can be a powerful political machine. The problem with grassroots movements they usually do not have much organization, and it seem that once a movement like this begins to organize it just become another political party. Case in point, the Republican far right appears to be trying to a line themselves with the T’s.       

For the middle class movement to control Washington, DC they need to do it from outside the system. Not become part of it. Pull away from the current political machine totally. People like Sarah Palin, is giving the impression she wants to create a 3rd political party with the movement. The only change that will produce is inside the beltway, much like the change Americans voted for in the last election.       

If a middle class movement is going to make a real change, it needs to stay a movement, and not cave to the corruption of a political party.  It has to be a movement for all middle class Americans, no matter what you ethnical background, sexual orientation, or age. The only requirement for membership, should be that you want to work, worked, or willing to work  for what you have.  The movement would  need to become a fourth branch of government, the Executive, the Legislative, the Judical and the most powerful, the Middle Class Vote.       

The middle class has to get over racial biases, and unite as an independent force. Realize that we all my look different we all just want the same thing  equal opportunity to advance.

  1. ajfloyd says:

    Good article,

    Any movement aligned with the two political parties (democrats and republicans) will not bring the change needed and will be manipulated. The tea party at this time is strongly aligned with the republican party. Not good, as it clearly is creating and promoting division.

    It will most definitely take a group of working class, middle class in very large numbers who care nothing about the petty differences like skin color etc etc to pull together to bring change. It will be a huge task as the government in the US is very large and powerful, too powerful.

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