All men are created equal…

Posted: April 3, 2010 by rusty bingham in political

All men are created equal – they are not guaranteed equal outcomes. We need equal opportunity, not more entitlement programs.

There is a cost involved in health care.  The old adage, there is no such thing as a free lunch, is still true today.  People who do not have a job can’t afford to pay for health care even if the IRS will be coming after them. You can’T get water from a stone. So the working class will most likely foot the bill.

The government needs to stop trying to control and govern the way the majority finds excitable. People don’t want handouts, they want to stand on their own two feet, Make their own decisions and take care of their own needs.

The so-called leaders of our Nation need to create real JOBS. Not smoke and mirrors, like census jobs. Which are temporary, and since those jobs will be government jobs, they will be paid for with funds or taxes mostly from, again, the middle class.

We need real middle class representation in Washington, not an elitist with a personal agenda. Voting to change the power back and forth between the Republicans and Democrats is not the answer. We need a system that will provide REAL change. A new political party, not a third-party, one that will stop the corruption in Washington.


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