Posted: March 27, 2010 by rusty bingham in political
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Fifty years ago, many people received health care as part of their employment. Parents worked hard sometime two jobs, so their children could have a better life, and hopefully go to college.

Today, people seem to feel that if they can’t afford it, they still have a right to have it.  Health care and education are necessities, not rights. In this post American era, everyone has the same opportunities to advance. The life you live should be based on how much effort you apply.

While everyone needs health care, it should not be free for anyone. Everyone needs to pay their way. I do not agree with the current health bill that was passed. Simply because was pushed through, not thought through, and is much to complex. A single payer system,  sounds logical with government regulations, not with government control of the funds. Look what they did to social security.

Education should be attainable, but not free. It should also be geared towards a persons potential. If a student has shown little interest in education and is still with a below average intelligence upon graduation from high school, that student should not be afforded a college education, but one that is geared towards their strengths in the labor force. There is nothing wrong with earning a decent wage, but how you make it is up to the individual.

Hopefully, the post American era will put and end to the enslavement of the middle class. The middle class is the foundation, the backbone of our society.  The recent middle class bailout of wall street, the largest transfer of wealth in our history. Now they want us to pay for health care. I know they say the money is going to come from the wealthiest americans, but come on do you really belive the government. How long do you think it will be before they are rasing our taxes?


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